256_634769293650650860 - copieJean-Luc Vilmouth, born in 1952 in Creutzwald, France, lives and works in Paris

Artfacts (01/2015) : 4692

2014 Une Histoire, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

2013 Half Life, Yamagata Institute of the Arts, Yamagata, Japan

Public Collections (selection) : Centre Pompidou Paris, France, MAC/VAL Vitry s/ Seine, France, MUDAM, Luxembourg, Museum of contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

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If minimal and conceptual art from the English scene influences his debut, Jean-Luc Vilmouth now bears emphasis on the link between habitat and its occupants, between nature and architecture, between humans themselves. Investing public places, cafes, museums and natural landscapes, this “enhancer” adds, shifts, moves objects and weaves through them this lost or distended tie.


Café Little Boy, Une Histoire, Centre Pompidou, 2014 © Jean-Luc Vilmouth




image 1Project: Honey Towers / Honey Café

Close to an historic forest and in the middle of a city, a bee community settled in her “Honey Tower” (a “lift” allows them to travel from one hive to another), created by Jean-Luc Vilmouth and calling another community to form around the honey they produce and the shared garden where they are. A Honey Café, shaped as a flower stamen, is created by Patrick Bouchain, managed by an association that offers everyone to come and taste the production of bees over a coffee and a slice of honey cake. .. but also experience the community differently.

Honey Towers / Honey Café, project, 2015 © Jean-Luc Vilmouth / Patrick Bouchain




Honey Tower, 2009/2011, Kashi

wa-no-ha, Japon © Jean-Luc Vilmouth






“Une Histoire” – Entretien avec Jean-Luc… par centrepompidou