AVSF_Senegal2FERLO / MATAM Project

AVSFFerlo region, Senegal

200,000 to 300,000 pastoralists and transhumant
€ 340,000 acquired / still to be collected: € 70,000


Degradation of natural resources is due to the lack of water, bush fires and loss of forage species. To restore the ecosystem and curb diseases linked to the concentration on a few points of water, water management is essential: a 372 meters drilling deep with a 200 m3 water tower 25 meters high, 4 waterers and 5 fountains were installed. The construction of 46 biodigesters and family training in the use of digestate to fertilize crops have enabled annual savings of 60-70% on wood resources for biogas. Women’s working conditions have been eased, together with a decrease in respiratory and eye diseases. Lighting for children’s homework in the evening has been installed. 20 new biodigesters should be activated, as well as masons trained to install and maintain. 6 tree nurseries, 5 apiaries and 30 barns will come together with the new activity of micro-entreprise for spreading biogas.

Photo: lit home through the use of biogas for the project FERLO / MATAM