Agrisud_Laos - copieAgroecology and agroforestry in mountain areas in Northern Laos

AgrisudLuang Prabang Province, Viengkham District

1453 families or 8700 persons

€ 272 000 / still to be collected for 2016: € 85 000


Deforestation and the reduction of fallow time are combined issues in this mountainous region, characterized by periods of longer droughts and erratic rainfall and occasional torrential soil erosion. Training and supporting farm families with new agroecology and agroforestry practices are essential actions based on a common plan of development of the territory and environmental footprint study. in order to preserve and develop existing resources. 474 families are already involved out of the 600 who will be supported to improve their agroecological practices, 3561 ha of forests have been classified into protected area. 4 participatory territory development plans remain to be implemented; These include, in particular, the protection and management of water sources and supply systems in 1,000 hectares of forest in need of rehabilitation, and development of agroecology on 800 ha of communal land.