Raddo_Oasis_Maroc__Jorf_Technique3 - copieSaving oasis in Maghreb: investing against climate change and land degradation

CARIOasis Beni Isguen (Algeria), Jorf and Tinejdad (Morocco), Tidjikja (Mauritania), Chenini Gabès (Tunisia)

5 000 people

Budget acquired € 150,000 / still to be collected for 2016: € 100,000


Oases will experience a significant drop in their water resources as a result of reduced precipitations and increased evaporation. By 2060, projections forecast a decrease in rainfall of 50%. To cope with the increased frequency of of extreme events, such as prolonged droughts, heat waves, and floods, RADDO aims to safeguard the essential resource: water. This is already implemented by the installation of three water saving systems in Jorf and Tidjikja, through training in seed production in Gabes, through dissemination of ecological farming practices in Jorf, and finally through the realization a storage basin in Tinejdad. In this vein, the project will focus in 2016 on the installation of complementary systems to save water in Tidjikja, on the rehabilitation of traditional catchment system groundwater in Tinejdad, on the creation of a seed exchange network in Gabes and on the rehabilitation of water wells sensors in Beni Isguen.


Photo: Morocco, Valley of Dades