GRET_Afodek_Rep_Dem_Congo - copieAgroforestry Development in Democratic Republic of Congo

GretKipushi territory (Province of Upper Katanga)

150 rural families and 1,000 direct and indirect jobs

Budget acquired € 88 200 / still to be collected for 2016: € 132 300

Lengthening of the dry season weakens the dry forest (Miombo) already threaten by traditional practices such as slash and burn agriculture, supplying wood for coal for the nearby town of Lubumbashi, and the production of baked bricks also accentuates the disappearance of tree species. The objective is to create a communal agroforestry perimeter of 2,000 ha (150 local families) combining food crops (food safety) and charcoal production from other sources apart from the Miombo tree. Technical support begins with assistance in the construction of houses by families using molded earth uncooked blocks. 11 holes have been built, several nurseries established, and 125 families engaged in the development of 12 hectares of land each. 35 houses are under construction in 2015 and 75 remain to be built in low-carbon technologies.


Photo: mud blocks molded test-house from a family in the perimeter © GRET

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