Permaculture_Jordan2Greening the desert in the Jordan Valley

Permaculture RIJordan Valley (also known as the Dead Sea Valley), Al Jawfa area

10 000 – 15 000 people

Around US$10 000 per year


The interaction between a Mediterranean latitude of 32° and an altitude below sea level results in a subtropical-like climate with a short winter rainy season and a long dry season extending over several months and exacerbated by high temperatures. Jordan Valley, despite heat-stress and water scarcity, is one of the main agricultural areas in Jordan. In this context, “Greening the Desert” actively promotes permaculture education by hosting trainings and internships directed to a wide array of local and international students, at the same time acting as an effective demonstration of regenerative systems to remediate damaged, desertifying landscapes and adapt to the effects of climate change. The project, started in 2008, has already seen significant progress. The current focus is to establish a village-model offering energy-efficient appropriate housing with natural cooling systems, solar electricity, solar hot water, biological wastewater treatment recycling, dry compost toilets, rainwater harvesting earthworks, a plant nursery and diverse plantations.


Photo : Permaculture Research Institute