Grameena_Vikas_Samithi_India_Gliricida Plants on bundsClimate-smart sustainable agriculture based on indigenous cows resource

GVSThottambedu Block Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India

5 250 farmers below poverty line

US$ 10 900

This project is based on indigenous cow resource management, specifically dung and urine bio inputs. Objectives range from a better social organisation which would facilitate procurement of new indigenous cows, cow management training, making of farm yard manure, and bio booster solutions with urine, to the plantation of Cassia Siamea & Gliricidia, a fertilizer tree, planted on filed bunds, in order to promote leaf biomass compost, thus generating carbon sequestration.

Change is visible in the local eco-system. 7000 eucalyptuses have grown up on seven acres of barren lands; trees, small cattle and bird population have grown, and soil has become more friable thanks to more organic content, leading to higher crops yields. Net returns have increased by 65% and the cost of paddy rice production has been reduced by 10%. Next step is to develop green manure crop and provide revolving funds for five groups of 10 farmers.


Photos :

« Indigenous cow, angel beauty of the earth »

Gliricida plants on filed bunds