SOIL_growing_peppers_in_compost_Haiti - copiePiloting ecological sanitation solutions for combating land degradation and climate change in Haïti

SOIL-logo-for-webPort-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien

5 500 urban residents, 1 000 farmers benefiting from compost production

Secured: US$ 858 000 / Still to be collected: US$ 911 967


Sanitation, a public health problem, has to be solved and transformed into a sustainable solution by increasing the resilience of ecosystems, combatting land degradation and reducing climate change effects through increases in soil carbon sequestration. Since building Haiti’s first EcoSan toilet in 2006 and Haiti’s first urban waste treatment facility in 2009, SOIL has gone on to become one of the most well respected sanitation providers in Haiti, providing clean, popularly received effective toilets and waste treatment facilities around the country. Over the course of this six-month project, SOIL will improve EcoSan waste treatment facilities in Haiti, augment the potential for SOIL’s compost by conducting field trials of crops grown with EcoSan compost fields, and hold workshops and trainings.


Photo : Ricardo Venegas