GADE_ArgentinaLocal sustainable development promotion in Argentina

GadeProvince of Santiago del Estero

100 youth and small producers

Initial budget € 50 000


The pronounced soil degradation is a consequence of intense agricultural use, overgrazing, and, above all, deforestation. Contributing factors also include a bad administration of water in the salinization process, as well as a bad evacuation of water in frequently flooded areas, whose flooding is increasing with climate change. To rehabilitate the vegetation cover and to improve land production, tree nurseries with native species should be built, with dripping irrigation systems. Construction of equipment for production of biogas and a module for solar energy could provide alternative sources of energy. 50 young people have been identified to be trained in seedling production, commercialization of organic fertilizers, design, manufacturing and marketing of art crafts; 25 small producers will be trained in the production of seedlings of native species. 30 degraded hectares have been selected for reforestation.

Photo : planting for the Future, young women working in a forest nursery © GADE