Aider_Peru_agroecological_ practices2Development of agro-ecological practices for the recovery of salinized land in Peru


600 producers

€ 278 670


The agricultural areas in the lower basin of the Piura River show degradation and desertification as a result of climate change and the salinization of soils. AIDER works with regional institutions such as Regional Producers Association of Piura – ARPPEP. They contribute to strengthening the capacities of small producers of dry lands, to restoring soil diversity, dealing with irrigation management, and promoting the commercialization of ecologic products. The fertility of 1200 hectares of degraded lands has been improved by the implementation of organic fertilizers, diversification of crops (especially native species). This has resulted in a boost of family incomes, through the sale of organic products in the ecological fairs “Fruits of the Earth”. Efforts have to be continued to implement the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) for the certification of organic or ecological products contributing to food security. A regional Plan for the promotion of organic or ecological production is forthcoming.