Scope_Pakistan_demonstration of water conservation at farmCombating drought and desertification through agro-pastoralism in Pakistan

ScopeTharparkar district

10 000 people living in 12 villages of Tehsil Mithi

US$ 110 000 to be collected



Extreme weather events, primarily prolonged droughts and erratic rainfall patterns, result in crop failures, desertification and outmigration. This project aims to ensure food security for the targeted population and control desertification by improving rangelands. SCOPE has been implementing drought mitigation programmes since 2000. So far about 50 agro-pastoral projects have been implemented on 70 hectares, on which communities have managed to raise trees and save both grasslands and vegetation on fenced farms. This vegetation was provided with dug wells, micro-irrigation systems and farm fencing with shelterbelt plantations. In 2016, SCOPE plans to secure about 100 hectares in this vast arid land, with about 70 agro-pastoral farms to protect trees and rangeland vegetation, as well as dry bush fencing, shrub plantation as shelterbelt, dug wells, micro-irrigation and vegetable cultivation plots.


Photo : SCOPE