Aider_Peru_SABERES-barandilla_materiales para la pescaAncestral knowledge from indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon and climatic indicators: a contribution to climate change

aiderUcayali and Madre de Dios Region

29 000 people, from Shipibo-Conibo, Kakataibo, Yine, Ese´Eja ethnic groups

US$ 50 000


Climate change has already had a significant impact on this region, such as critical decrease in traditional growing crops like coffee and corn. Among these effects are wildfires during drought season, the disruption of wild animal breeding seasons and, biodiversity loss.

Forest degradation brings malnutrition, an increase in disease, emigration, and could wipe out the entire community. For native peoples, the forest is a live entity with a spirit and a sacred status. The objective is to contribute to defining public policies on climate change with data gathered from climate indicators, combined with ancestral knowledge. If the changes in the behaviour of phyto and zoo indicators that are related to the environmental crisis are known, they can be biomarkers that can complement a sophisticated measuring equipment and analysis to develop strategies for mitigation and / or adaptation.